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team fortress 2

Post by pants, the noun on Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:09 am

so, i'm a huge fan of this game. its too much fun to play on any format, but the steam (PC) version is the best (especially because its free).

in honor of it, i actually wrote up a tier sheet that completely details every class, and demonstrates why they are good or bad in my opinion =D

here it is:

TF2 tiers:

A: demoman, engie, sniper

B: soldier, heavy, medic

C: spy, pyro, scout


1. demoman: the broken one. this guy is both offensively capable as well as defensively capable of killing an entire team by himself. he takes out sentries, he traps points, he can shoot at angles, and he's pretty bulky. just a wonderful (and nearly broken) class.

2. engineer: a very strategic and incredibly powerful (though not broken) class. when set up correctly (by building everything by the respawn point and teleporting it all to the battlefield) will score amazing kill counts in the double digits without any aiming skill required. when used correctly, its barely flawed, with only demos and spies as direct counters, and they have to get through the team to be effective.

3. sniper: 1HKO anyone? this class is powerful, fast, and very in-your-face about it. 2 counters: spies and snipers, 8 stregnths (everything but scouts), takes out buildings in 2 shots, can avoid deaths by remaining in the background, and is directly benefitted by the engie. simply awesome.

4. soldier: powerful, kind of bulky, and simply there to kill buildings and demos. thats basicially the only reasons to use one, but they are fun for halo junkies. they hit hard, but cant reload for anything. but hey, they have rockets and can score minicrits for your team with certain items.

5. heavy: conkledurr isn't as good as you might think in TF2... he hits inaccurately, and requires a medic to be good in top tier play, but if you have that medic, you become bulk up conkledurr. you hit massively hard, you have 1 counter (sniper) and you clear the field. too bad someone has to be your bitch to do it.

6. medic: the bitch of the heavy. these things are horribly dull to play as, but they will get you wins and achievements, so they make it into B tier. they have no firepower, but you get all the kills of the people you heal, so there's that. free points. woo. oh, and they have the funniest voice in my opinion. next one...

7. spy: another completely skill-based one. the spies are fun as hell to play as because of their free-kill rate. they can score free kills like crazy, and they let you show off that stealth that you learned from metal gear funnies. too bad you are stuck with the worst bulk ever, 1 mistake kills you, you have to be in a certain situation to kill anything, engies generally expect you and they kill you while you sap, and your cloak seems to load too slowly. eh... it would be top tier with a better cloak reload rate and a more powerful gun.

8. pyro: my personal favorite to play as. period. they are very unique in how they play. they are defensive offensive... its hard to explain. they are best used in camping by a health regenerator/dispenser and then flaming people who run by. otherwise they are useless in the field. you will be killed by anything with a range (every weapon in the game) unless you use the unlockable flare gun, which isn't as good as the soldier's rockets in any way. i heavily suggest this if you like trolling, because this guy is a troll in the trolliest sense of the word.

9. scout: my god. i hate these guys. playing as them and against them. they have crap for firepower, crap for bulk, and rarely support enough in the capturing of points/moving payloads to be useful. fighting them is equally annoying because
they outrun sentry shots and headshots from snipes. this leaves 6 counters because spies cant catch up. they are the best when used in a full team of scouts. thats about it. god even medics counter these guys. only play as them if you want to die alot.

thats my 2 cents =)
pants, the noun
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