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Post by pants, the noun on Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:15 pm

once i was trying out a balance beam

brandished in boiling tarnish you couldn't imagine

when i heard of the new age coming to me in my sleep

the age of man reduced to this trifle and trembling score

would we be set in a small room all day? left in the presence of hostility?

would we take action and make a grand old mess of things?

holy hell was freezing over the pot.

there was nothing but a forgotten past

there was no joyous ventures in this world

just terrifying simulation

then i awoke and kept on balance beaming

beaming eyes at my dream to the wall

the wall would give me solace

on the tele, the wall came down. my dream came true.

i wish i didn't dream.
pants, the noun
pants, the noun

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