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top 10 sketches of the whitest kids you know Deidara-naruto-1

top 10 sketches of the whitest kids you know

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top 10 sketches of the whitest kids you know Empty top 10 sketches of the whitest kids you know

Post by pants, the noun on Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:39 am

the whitest kids you know have recently become my favorite comedy group. everything they do or write is silly, over the top, clever, hilarious, or even just thought provoking. they have been such an influence on my recent comedy, that i'm making this list to try and get more people watching Wink so without further ado...

top 10 whitest kids sketches:

10. vomiting clerk

one of the lesser known sketches, but god is it a gem. the general premise is a "surfer dude" like employee is serving people food incredibly slowly, and is unwilling to admit his wrongdoings, even in blatant guilt. the presentation is hilarious, the cut-off of the word "wendy's" is just brilliant, and the coup de gras is definitely when he says "and... one large pickle", which is not only a pointless adjective for an organic food, but its also one of the funniest puns they hve ever written.

9. european history

a classic. this satirizes the entire european military action over the last 300 years and even goes beyond into the future. the idea was brilliant: making the sketch as a kindergarden play with cheesy, hilariously bad acting. everything about it is brilliant.

8. sex robot

if this isn't the most catchy thing ever, i dont know what is. the premise is a "normal" robot making its own identity as the "sex robot" and it forcefully pushes its developed and pointless identity upon the public. with the most catchy tune ever. in the end, he is executed, and no one knows what to make of anything they have whitnessed. its simply hilarious. period.

7. weird the stripper (adult warning)

"i'll paint you a picture of a dolphin". that is all.

6. the courtney incident

this is classic double irony. the conversations the people have in this are almost in quentin tarantino catagory, with dry humor, very serious developed story, and a feel-good, though really shocking end. its pretty awesome.

5. super dog (part 1)

this is another satire. this satirizes the current american politics to a T. showing that flashiness is overshadowing goodness and morality. the idea is that a competent politician is running for president against 3 other senators, and they all are allowed 2 props each. the good one brings a bible and a letter from his wife, while the others bring guitars, super dog, an air horn, and more. it really captures what happened in politics over the last 8 years.

4. the genie

oh this is a fun one. timmy randomly finds a lamp with a goofy parody of every other genie film. then he goes through 3 genies, and then gets to sam, who is the main genie in the sketch. throughout he is put through personal hell in the kid's benifit. its quite a tragedy, though its hilarious to see how bad a "magical" being has it.

3. face off

my personal favorite, though not the best. you just have to watch it to understand why its so funny, but i'll tell you anyway. so trevor goes into a plastic surgeons office and asks to have his face taken off. and he spontaneously begins singing a car commercial pitch, and he reveals that he simply wants to go so far into character, that he will physicially mame himself. you have to see it to really capture its hilarity.

2. brain tumor

this has the show's best acting. this is the king of irony. so, here's the scoop. a man reveals to his girlfriend that he has a brain tumor, in a very, very realistic way. i mean, its shocking how well they play their parts. then the waiter comes over and offers them the normal menu, and he says that they have a clam chowder that gets rid of brain tumors. its a real feel good moment, but your not sure if he was
lying or not, so you may have just been tricked by a character, or the couple got incredibly lucky. either is a fun, very fleshed out idea that is simple perfection.

1. courtroom stripper

oh yeah, this one. there are so many good things about this sketch that i cant ruin for you. the prosecution objecting to an objection with "really?", the judges and the jury's reactions, and that trombone music that plays every time the stripper does anything. its some of the best comedy ever recorded on video. go watch it immediately (and its pg13, so dont worry about profanity in this one).
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