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Post by pants, the noun on Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:49 pm

ok, so i had this crazy idea that we could all collaborate to make some music over the internet in select parts with real instruments based on a template i or someone else makes in FL studio.

i thought it would be interesting if anyone here would like to join this escapade and help build this idea of a simple FL string quartet template into a real-life orchestal sound.

if you can play any instrument at all, have a recording method (background feedback isn't a huge issue), and a few minutes to record a part for this project, i'd love for you to be in the credits of this grand project =)

good luck! i'll message you the template MP3 if you want in! just post your instrument you wish to play, and i'll get back to you =D

PS: there might be other sites contributing to this, and i'll separate them into separate orchestras, likt the "ToF orchestra" the "newgrounds orchestra" and so on in the credits, followed by your name of choice (username, real name, nickname, etc).
pants, the noun
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